Rustic Mint to Be Wedding Favor Stickers with Black and Green Design


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Transform your wedding favors with our Mint to Be stickers, tailored for Tic Tac boxes. Drawing inspiration from enchanting fairy tales, these mint to be labels seamlessly combine contemporary elegance with rustic charm. Each sticker paints a picture of soft eucalyptus flowers, gracefully placed against a bold black backdrop, highlighted by sophisticated white calligraphy.

Gift your guests a unique journey with every refreshing mint, leaving them with a memorable and enchanting keepsake of your special day. Our mint to be favors are versatile and blend effortlessly with various wedding themes, be it rustic, modern, beachy, vintage, city, or country. 

Explore the magical blend of elegance and playful charm with our mint to be stickers, making your weddings favors exceptionally special. Whether you are seeking that perfect DIY mint to be wedding favors or exploring different mint to be party favors ideas, our stickers are the ideal choice, adding a sprinkle of fairy tale magic to your celebration.

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