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Gray and Pink Garden Beauties Wedding Wine Label

Gray and Pink Garden Beauties Wedding Wine Label

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Elegant wedding table decoration and special personal touch for every little detail. These custom wine bottle labels are the best way to show you guests your impeccable taste and style. Deep grey and blush pink combine in a stylish and magical blend, decorated with a blend of stylish script and hand-lettered Cheers. 

Easy and fast application. Buy your favorite bottle of wine and remove the label. Apply the new, personalized label and voila. You are ready with your unique Wedding Day decoration.

Labels are meant to be applied on a clean bottle. Remove the old labels first and then apply the now ones. They should not be applied over the old, existing label.

Easy instructions for removing the old labels:

Step 1. Soak the wine bottle in a big container filled with warm water
Step 2. Add a couple of tablespoons of baking soda
Step 3. After 30 minutes, remove bottle from water and wipe label with a rag, steel wool or towel.
Step 4. Let it dry

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