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Friends Fur-ever Kids Valentine's Day Stickers for Tic Tacs

Friends Fur-ever Kids Valentine's Day Stickers for Tic Tacs

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Add a playful twist to Valentine's Day with these adorable personalized mint stickers, featuring a charming illustration of a dog and cat, and the sweet declaration, "Friends FUR-EVER." These stickers are tailor-made to transform standard mini Tic Tac boxes into delightful Valentine's Day exchange favors, perfect for school celebrations or a token of friendship. With a vibrant red background, these stickers are made to cover the original Tic Tac label entirely, ensuring a neat and cheerful presentation.

Available in two sizes to cater to different regions, they're designed to fit the 1oz Tic Tac box commonly found in the USA & Canada, as well as the 18 grams box available in Europe.

The thoughtful design and self-adhesive material make the application process hassle-free. By simply peeling off the original label, these stickers can be smoothly applied for an instantly customized look. Not only are they a hit for Valentine's Day, but they can also adorn similar mint containers, making them a versatile choice for spreading love and cheer on this special day.

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