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Classic Wedding Website Card with QR Code

Classic Wedding Website Card with QR Code

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Graceful personalized wedding website cards, created to add an extra touch of elegance to your special day. With a traditional design, these cards beautifully display the couple's names, written in stylish calligraphy, along with the wedding date, on the front. Enhanced with a delicate floral design, these cards radiate a sense of timeless charm. On the back, a handy QR code leads your guests directly to your personalized wedding website, making it easy for them to stay updated.

Sized at a standard 3.5"x2", these wedding website cards are slim and compact, fitting seamlessly with your wedding invitations or as handy standalone reminders. The text, initially in classic black and white, can be upgraded for a bit of sparkle. Crafted with detailed care, these wedding website cards are printed on high-quality, velvety smooth stock, adding an extra layer of luxury to your wedding details.

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