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A Very Merry Christmas Stickers

A Very Merry Christmas Stickers

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  • Self-adhesive vinyl
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Clear Plastic: Transparent with high shine, super versatile, works for most surfaces, especially glass
White Matt Plastic: Non-reflective crisp white, looks good on all types of surfaces
White Glossy Plastic: Solid white with shiny pearl finish, modern look, suitable for all type of surfaces


Waterproof, Oilproof, Smuggle free


Standard Delivery:
USA (via USPS) 6-8 Business days
Canada 6-8 business days
Europe: 4-8 business days
Australia: 4-6 business days
Rest of the world: 6-21 business days
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USA & Canada: 2-3 business days
Europe: 1-2 business days
Australia: 4-6 business days
Rest of the world: 2-6 business days

Add a touch of personalized holiday cheer with our 'Very Merry Christmas' stickers, perfect for sealing your festive greetings. These stickers feature the joyful message, "A Very Merry Christmas," elegantly presented in a warm, festive font, topped with a classic bow illustration. Below, the customization takes a personal turn with your names in a script that evokes the spirit of the season.

These stickers are designed to complement your Christmas correspondence, providing a beautiful finishing touch to envelopes and packages alike. Crafted on high-quality material, these stickers are just as durable as they are delightful, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition to spread holiday joy.

Available in a variety of different sizes to suit any preference, from small to subtle medium or even attention-grabbing large, these stickers are as versatile as they are beautiful. You're also presented with three different sticker options - whether you prefer the transparency of Clear Glossy, the elegance of White Matt, or the pristine finish of White Glossy, there's an option to match the mood of your wedding. 

For text colors, the lustrous sheen of Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver foil is offered alongside classic Black ink. Each sticker is made from premium, waterproof, and oilproof vinyl, ensuring it withstands the test of time and elements. The self-adhesive back peels off easily and sticks firmly, making the application smooth and hassle-free.

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