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Flower Girl Proposal Ideas

Inviting the little ones to take part of your wedding day can be challenging. Whether it is your niece, a cousin or best friend’s daughter, inviting them to be part of your bridal party, should be special and memorable. If you are wondering how to make a flower girl proposal in the best way possible, here are a few cute ideas.
Creative and unique “Will your be our flower girl?” proposal ideas with a cute keepsake for the little girls to cherish. Create a fun game and memorable experience with personalized puzzle proposals in a variety of color choices. Watch the smile bloom on their face with gorgeous flower girl gifts and customized proposal cards to carry the message.

Will you be our Flower Girl Cards

Adorable personalized cards to ask the future flower girl to take part of your wedding day. Vibrant floral elements or simple craft designs will carry the message in a cute way by itself or as a part of a flower girl gift proposal. The scratch-off element of the cards will them fun and exciting, and will definitely will avoid the boring invitation moment.

Custom Flower Girl Puzzle Proposals

Colorful and playful wedding invitations for the special little girl to take part in your wedding day. Beautiful puzzle proposals that could be customized for a flower girl, petal princess or some other special wedding role. Surprise them with the question while they are putting the puzzle together. A keepsake for them to cherish the special memories of this special day. We guarantee it will be a very sweet moment for both of you. High-quality puzzle proposals are professionally printed on sheen finished paper and attached to hard clipboard.

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